Digital transformation, in simple terms, is defined as a company’s adoption of digital technology and data-centric approaches to improve business processes, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

For the oil and gas industry, there is no single cookie-cutter digital transformation solution. Every company’s journey will
be unique, with different challenges and inherent obstacles to be overcome. Fennex understands the complexity of the
industry’s unique business processes and workflows. No two organisations have the same sets of data and workflows that
govern their internal operational management systems

Crawl, Walk, Run Methodology
We start by understanding our customers’ needs – detailing specific objectives that can help us to secure quick wins, accelerating the time to deliver tangible and impactful benefits of any digitation project, while devising the road map and setting strong foundations for scaling-up strategies. Our experts substantially optimise the time and efforts required to design the complete solution architecture that offers the best outcome for our customers, reducing the cost to develop and deploy complex data platforms that are tailored to their very own business requirements. Finally, more advanced technologies can be applied like AI algorithms to automate tasks and drive predictive analysis, allowing our customers to
get the maximum benefit from their investment.

We look at any digital transformation project as a journey, engaging with our customers with the end results in mind, while devising quick and agile steps towards the set goal.

Fennex successfully deliver world-class solutions to our clients at a fraction of the
time and cost versus comparable services.



Basic solution
Regional deployment
Data-driven compliance
Transparent live dashboards



Regional deployment
End-user experience
Phone / tablet app works online
and offline
Enhanced analytics



Premium solution
Global deployment
AI driven tasks
BOTs – audio reference CMS

Bespoke, Smart & Cost-effective Solutions

Organisations seeking complex digital solutions typically incur extensive costs as they require multiple third-party service providers and a lengthy period of time before any results materialise, if ever. We succeed through our differentiated methods and business models, our industry-domain knowledge and our advanced cloud-computing expertise.


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